Monday, January 20, 2014

How to style a sweater.

Happy start of the week! I hope you all have a great day:)
I'm so thankful that sweaters have made it to the runways and have become a very popular trend on the streets, because living in a state where winter last for more than six months one must wear warm clothes all the time in order to protect ourselves from the cold. Therefore, thanks to this trend I can still express my style and keep myself warm. 
Here are some ideas of how you can style a sweater.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Looking forward to the future...

Good morning to my lovely readers!
Well, just like every girl on this planet, I can't wait to graduate from school and find my own place to live. So, today I want to share with you a foreshadow of how I want my future home to look like. I hope this can give you some ideas of how to decorate your place if you're on the process of doing so, or if you're just like who whenever I have the chance I get on the internet in search of some home decorating ideas. Always planning everything ahead!

Have a wonderful Sunday! Saludos!!!


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lazy Saturday = fashion inspiration post.

Not having plans for the weekend can be no FUN at all, but for the first time in a long time I am thankful that I finally have some time for myself which means that I get to watch MOVIES, take a NAP, listen to MUSIC and most importantly SURF THE WEB for as much time as I want in search of more fashion inspiration :)

Here is a doze of casual and cozy fashion inspiration. It's all about the FAMOUS destroyed jeans. I love how you can pair them with pretty much anything from a pair of heels with a blouse to a sweater with sneakers and still look fabulous! YOU just have to love the VERSATILITY of this jeans.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Mexico trip!

Hello everyone! I know I haven't updated my blog in a long time, but since I went to Mexico this past December to spend the holidays with my family and friends, I hardly had time to get on the internet because once I got there I just wanted to spend as much time as possible with my loved ones and rest. Unfortunately, vacations are over now and reality awaits me :/. However, the idea of visiting my beloved country again and having the chance to make more wonderful memories there as well as enjoying it's delicious traditional food gives me chills of happiness :)

I just want to say that I had a great time in Mexico and I hope I can go back soon, if possible at the end of the year!

Happy Friday!